Welcome to my projects

This section is dedicated to my free-time projects. Here you will find some of the less art-related and more "engineering" stuff I do.

I have always been interested in doing more of the home-made electronics. Some time ago, I decided to stop waiting for "perfect conditions" and simply do the work. Here, I would like to share some of it with you, but let me reveal the two reasons for making it visible.

The first reason is rather obvious. I want to share the effects of my work with anyone who is willing to look. Just like anyone who is proud of spending the time doing something.

Secondly, I want to show you how I did it. If you have similar interests, but the massive amount of information makes you confused and afraid to try, you might really find this section useful. It is not a tutorial or a crash course in electronics of any kind, but a documented process of creating something for fun, having the parts and tools. In other words, I present you the way I have built what I wanted, to help you build what you want.

Last, but not least, this is currently an expanding section and hopefully it will gradually be filled out with more and more interesting projects. I am aware that some of you might find the work presented here too easy, not new or simply boring. However, if feel you have benefited from some of my work in any way, I would be thankful if you let me know or perhaps put a link on your website. That gives a lot of motivation!