About me

My name is Oleg Żero and I originally come from ŁódĽ, Poland. Currently, I live in Trondheim, Norway, but before I moved here, I did my undergraduate studies in Denmark, Belgium and Sweden. Today, I spend most of my time doing professional software development and project management for an artificial intelligence med-tech company called Mode Sensors AS. Development of new technologies is my ultimate passion, and it takes most of my time.

Spare time

It is often difficult to find the border between work and pleasure, which is... good! But still there are other things, and this website is there to share some of them. It is three things:

And then it is sport, and music and all this kind of stuff that anyone can claim.

My professional side

It is my belief that machines will grant us the freedom to see the world beyond the capability of human senses. Therefore, I decided to experience the world through exposure to different technologies. I program machines to act in new ways and become innovative products.

If you would like see more of my past projects, please go to: www.ZeroWithDot.com.